The Danish Quarter Horse Association (DKQHA) are a Danish affiliate to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). In the end of 2018 half of the board members in DKQHA said that they would not continue in the board after the next yearly general meeting. Now it is time for some new and passionate board members.

I was asked if I would like to take up one of the spots. I am always up for participating more in the western riding and Quarter horse world. Therefore, I said yes to be a part of the board.

In the end of January Anna and I went to Jutland to participate in the yearly general meeting for DKQHA. It was a tree hour meeting where we heard about 2018 in DKQHA and the expectations for 2019. We also heard news from our international directors that had been to a meeting in the Federation of European Quarter Horse Associations (FEQHA).

At this yearly general meeting we were also voting for new board members. The group of people voted for me, so I got a two years membership of the board of DKQHA. I am really exited about this and are looking forward to seeing what this will bring. I also got the position as the Cashier of DKQHA.

At this meeting we also made a group that will be responsible for the Danish Championship. Here both Anna and I got a spot. It will also be very exiting to see where this will bring us.