Anna Kuusisto Dohn

I am Anna, a former dressage rider, nowadays a owner of two reining horses.

I have been riding longer than I can remember, the story tells that I started with a Welsh pony as a 4-year old little girl. My first horse I got together with my mom and sister in 2005, after nearly ten years in a riding school. The first horse was followed by the second and the third one, and eventually I also worked in different stables in Finland and Sweden.

Originally, I am from Finland, although moved to Denmark already some years ago to study. In Finland, I used to train and compete mainly in dressage with some occasional jumping exercises. Moreover, after the high school I had an autumn working and training in Sweden – in short, it was all about the English riding disciplines.

When moving to Denmark, I didn’t have any chance to bring my dressage horse with me, and so the break from riding started. Casper, my husband, introduced me to people from the western world, and we started to get lessons from Casper’s cousin, Natasha Møller. For me it doesn’t make such a great difference which type of horse I’m riding as long as the horse is trained well with good horsemanship skills as Natasha’s horses are.

Getting back on saddle felt good, and it made me realise how much I had missed riding and working with horses. Apparently a life without horses doesn’t fit me, and here we are – owners of two AQHA geldings 🙂