Me And My Quarter

Hi and welcome to our blog.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay here and that you will find it interesting what we write about.

We are Casper and Anna Kuusisto Dohn. We joined the western riding world in beginning of 2018, and this blog is about the great western world through our eyes, about how we and our horses develop and about all the things we participate in.

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Christmas trail

Sunday the 16th of December, we had an event called Christmas trail, at Kumlegaard. Christmas trail is where you make a trail pattern with Christmas decoration and then ride the pattern with all the other people. Both Anna and I were helping to make the...

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More designs

Four good days are now over, and we have now got some new Danish champions. Thursday the 6th of September until Sunday the 9th of September the Danish championship for Quarter horses was held at Kumlegaard.

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Our own hoodie design

For some time now, we have been looking for some nice clothes to wear in the stable. We would like some t-shirts and hoodies with nice print on. Therefore, we thought, why not just to make our own clothes.

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What a great NCHA weekend

What a great weekend we have had. A weekend with a lot of cutting and herdwork. For some weeks ago, me and my dad saw a post on Facebook about a NCHA show on Fyn in Denmark. Annette and Torben Larsen was seeking helpers for there show the last weekend in...

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Our training

We are training 4 – 5 times a week. It is really great to get on the horse this often. The tree riding arenas (one outside and two inside) secures that there is always space for training. No matter that time a day we want to ride. Sometimes we just take a ride...

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