Last Saturday, Anna and I got married. It was the 18th of August 2018. It was the best day ever in our life. We had the most fantastic party.

Anna are from Finland and we had decided to have the party in Finland as well. We were holding the party on top of Anna’s parent’s stable, where they have a 550 scare meters big room. The room gave the best surroundings for a good western stile wedding. With a stable downstairs, old wooden beams, old wooden floor and old wooden stairs hanging on the wall.

We were 140 people, 35 from Denmark and the rest from Finland. Some of us were partying until 5 am. The wedding had everything that was needed. Good food, big cake, dancing, throwing the bucket, drinks and a lot more stuff.

The cake topper for the cake was ordered from Montana Silver Smith in the US. They are also a big sponsor of AQHA. It was the cake topper called “Two trails become one road”. You can see some of the pictures from the party here: