Sunday the 16th of December, we had an event called Christmas trail, at Kumlegaard. Christmas trail is where you make a trail pattern with Christmas decoration and then ride the pattern with all the other people.

Both Anna and I were helping to make the trail pattern. Together with some of the others from the farm we were creative and made a simple and funny pattern. We found some big Christmas figures, Christmas hats and a small Christmas tree. You can see the pictures of the pattern under this blog post.

We made tree classes. One for trail in hand, where you could go through with the young horses. One for riders and one for people without horse. All participants had to have a partner, you could either partner up with you horse or if you were in the last class you had to partner up with someone else.

Anna and I only have Potter and of course we could not ride him both at the same time. Therefore, I had asked Natasha if I could borrow one of her horses. I was lucky to borrow Demi. Demi is her absolute best pleasure horse. I am usually riding reining, so it was fun to try a pleasure horse. Quite different but also fun and it went very well. She was not a fan of the Christmas figures, but we did all the elements including the gate.

After the riding we all took our horses back to the stable and met in the canteen. Here we got some Christmas sweets and drinks.

It was a great day with great people.