Potter lives on a farm called Kumlegaard. He moved to Kumlegaard when he was around one year old. At that time the farm was boughed by Poul and Annette Møller. They are the once who have got Potter into this world and they moved all their horses to Kumlegaard quite fast after they boughed the farm.

Kumlegaard has been through a big transformation sense Poul and Annette boughed the place. It is now Denmark’s biggest western place and we really enjoy all the facilities on the farm.

The farm has 24 hectares of land. All covered with fenced places for the horses. There are both smaller and bigger places for the horses and you can choose between dirt or grass places. They also have two loose housings for the young horses. One for the boys and one for the girls. There are around 80 horses on Kumlegaard.

The facilities are also great. They have tree stables. The original stables that are quite old, a sable that was built for around 15 years ago and a new one from 2017. We are located in the newest one. There are lots of space and windows in the roof that you can open. Besides that, they have two riding halls. One that are 20 x 52 meters and one that are 40 x 80 meters. They are connected so you can ride from one to the other to do run ins. Between the riding halls there is also a cafeteria with space for around 100 eating guests. In the big riding hall there is space for around 800 spectators.

Outside there is a riding arena too, that is 22 x 60 meters. Next to that there is a round pen. Both of these are planned to be upgraded in 2019.

The people working there takes care of everything else that riding Potter. They feed the horses every day, muck the boxes and take the horses in and out from the stable. This is really great when both me and Anna have a hectically and stressful working day. It is really great that we just have to go there and ride Potter and then everything else are taken care of.

We are so happy to be at Kumlegaard and they are happy that Potter stays at there place. Especially now when they have seen him grow up.

Hereunder you can see some pictures of Kumlegaard: