My aunt and uncle boughed the farm Kumlegaard back in summer 2014. In 2015 they boughed the farm next too to get some more land. My parents moved in to that farm and suddenly they had a little family community down there.

Me and Anna came there a lot at that time. Helping to renovate and to take care of the horses. But to be honest I was quite afraid of horses at that time. I got more and more used to it the more we visited, but it was still hard for me to read the horse.

Back in winter 2017 I tried to ride a very good horse for 2 – 3 times. But the horse became pregnant and then I could not ride that horse anymore.

Anna has been riding dressage sense she was a little girl, so of course she also had to try western riding. She tried to ride a few times but then the horse she was riding on got sold.

In winter 2017 we started to talk about riding again. My cousin Natasha said that we could try with her 4 years old gelding named Potter. We were not sure how it would go with me now when I have no riding experience and Potter was quite young, but we tried anyway.

In January 2018 I started to ride on Potter every Wednesday. Anna joined us in February. We became quite happy for riding on Potter and got more attached to ham. In marts we talked about riding more than once per week and started to talk with Natasha about buying Potter. First of May we boughed him.

It is the greatest thing we have done. I had a very stressed job at that time. A job that required many hours of work. Anna was doing her master thesis and used many hours in front of the computer. Getting that break it is to prepare and ride your horse really gave us the extra energy we needed. It also gave us something to do together and a common interest. Every couple should find that, it lightens up the relationship.