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AQHA gelding Ruf Jazz

About Ruf Jazz

Hi, my name is Ruf Jazz, also called Potter. I am an American Quarter Horse, registered in the American Quarter Horse Association. I was born in spring 2013. I am bred in Denmark by the great people at Kumlegaard. My mom is Ruffas Satin (Lil Ruf Peppy) and my dad is Dunits Swing N Jazz (Hollywood Dunit).

About us

Casper Kuusisto Dohn

I am from a small country in northern Europe called Denmark. I live together with my wife Anna and together we own an American Quarter Horse called Ruf Jazz.

Anna Kuusisto Dohn

I am from Finland and are raised up with dressage horses. Today I live in Denmark together with my husband Casper and together we own an American Quarter Horse called Ruf Jazz.


A part of the Danish Quarter Horse Association

The Danish Quarter Horse Association (DKQHA) are a Danish affiliate to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). In the end of 2018 half of the board members in DKQHA said that they would not continue in the board after the next yearly general...

Christmas trail

Sunday the 16th of December, we had an event called Christmas trail, at Kumlegaard. Christmas trail is where you make a trail pattern with Christmas decoration and then ride the pattern with all the other people. Both Anna and I were helping to make the...

Q18 German International Championship 2018

Four good days are now over, and we have now got some new Danish champions. Thursday the 6th of September until Sunday the 9th of September the Danish championship for Quarter horses was held at Kumlegaard.

Our own design

This started as a funny gimmick. I could not find any nice cloth with the theme of western riding. All of it was pink with hearts. Therefore, I designed my own cloth.

Many people stopped me at the stable and the shows to ask where I had bought this cloth. They would like to buy the same designs.

Because of that we have made this webshop, where you can buy our designs as well. We try to add new once when we feel creative.

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